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Securing and Shielding your Knees for SALLAH

Why You Need Knee Pads?

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions including arthritis, gout and infections also can cause knee pain. Many types of minor knee pain respond well to self-care measures like wearing kneepads.

For some people who want to spend more time in prayers is physically demanding and as a result there can sometimes be a risk of damage to the body due to long stay in a posture of sitting during SALAAH. Therefore certain equipment has been developed to promote the safety of the user. Knee pads are just one example of the type of protective equipment that can be purchased.

Mainly Our Knee Pads Are Used For Salaah/ Namaaz:

Our Prayer Knee Pads are made of high density foam and are sure to add comfort to any prayer session. They can easily be wiped clean. Knee pads are made so that they not only absorb blows and protect form traumatic injuries that can occur upon impact or severe twisting like most injuries but also protect the knees from overuse type of injuries that develop when a person is performing repeated actions over long periods of time like for example laying on tiles or flooring. But how much exactly can knee pads protect our knees? Research done for American Journal of Epidemiology study suggests that wearing knee pads decrease the risk of injury by more than 50 percent which only proves the point of knee pads truly being the ultimate protective measure.

Knee Pads are very useful for Gents and Ladies both:

Knee pads basically are a protective measure to keep your knees healthy and to prevent injury. Knee Pads are very useful for Gents and Ladies both. They usually are described as protective gear because they are the best way how you can protect your knees while offering Salaah. Even if you fall or receive a blow to your knees knee pads will be able to absorb the force from the impact and significantly lessen the effect the blow will have on your knees preventing serious injury and cutting down the healing time if an injury do occur.

Knee pads are made out of some type of cloth starting from cotton to neoprene depending on what type of knee pads they are and they usually are equipped with some type of padding or knee protection that will let them actually do their job and protect our knees.

Performance Booster:

Especially among aged people who are facing problems in bending during “RUKKU” and “SUJOOD”. Knee pads can boost their productivity because they experience less knee pain and can spend longer periods of time actually doing their prayer without having to get up and resting their knees.

Preserves The Range Of Motion Of The Knees:

If you want to take care of your knees from the start or even if you have already done some damage and want to prevent your knees from getting worse then knee pads are the best way to do it because knee pads will help your knees remain elastic and pain free so you can enjoy all type of activities for longer time than those who didn’t take care of their knees with knee pads.

Knee Injuries:

  • In aged people most injuries are knee related that usually result in having to take at least two weeks off to heal these types of injuries we need to guard our knees and support them don’t experience the pain of a knee injury or illness.
  • Wear and tear to the knee is becoming an injury that doctors are now witnessing more and more frequently during UMRAH, HAJJ and NAMAZ and could have been prevented by using protective equipment like knee pads.
  • Knee pads are pads that serve as a protective measure to help preventing you from injuring your knee or otherwise damaging it.
  • Basically they guard your knees so that if you fall, receive a blow to your knees or just simply twist your knee in the wrong way the damage to your knee is smaller and you can live happy, knee pain free life for longer.
  • Knee pads are so great because they are specially made so that they are able to absorb a significant amount of shock lessening the stress that your knees get and therefore making the effects of the injury less severe.
  • A study by the American Journal of Epidemiology even says that wearing knee pads decreases the chance of injury by more than a half so wear knee pads whenever you know that there might be a chance of you injuring your knees and make sure that they stay healthy and injury free.