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Securing and Shielding your Knees for SALLAH

About Us

IFFAH is a London (UK) based company dedicated to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the best Knee pads on the market today. Our unique knee pads are designed for optimum comfort during SALAAH and safety, using the highest quality materials, expert manufacturing and assembly, resulting in a superior product.

The main purpose of using knee pads for offering SALAAH is to protect the knees from the stress and impact it might need to endure while kneeling.

Percentage of the profit will be used up on Muslims Welfare and Charity!

Compassion, social justice, sharing and strengthening – all these are encompassed in the Quranic articulation of the ethical concept of charitable giving. This ethic aims not only to correct social ills but also to reflect the moral and spiritual value attached to the use of wealth, resources and effort for the welfare of individuals and communities.

Thus the spirit of kindness and well wishing is the essence of charity. The giver is not to expect any reward from the beneficiary as there waits for him an abundant reward from God – material, moral and spiritual – what God deems it best to confer on His servant.

So a percentage of the profit that will be gained from IFFAH Knee Pads will be used up for Muslim welfare and charity.