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Securing and Shielding your Knees for SALLAH

HALAAL Manufacturing Material

Made of 100% Halal Material:

No animal part or material is used in the manufacturing of knee pads. 100% Halal material is used to ensure its use by Muslim community.

There is a feature called flexibility that also goes hand in hand with comfort as well as free movements because if the knee pads are flexible that means that you can do any activities you want in them. they will still protect your knees as well as they would if you were standing in place.

Because knee pads are mostly meant to help you when you are moving around and being active they also need to inhere a feature such as breathability to keep you comfortable even if you are about to use them for whole night prayers. And finally a feature that sometimes is overlooked is great fit. Many think that knee pads need to be a bit uncomfortable to be efficient but the truth is that if the knee pads fit your knees right then they should be very comfortable because only that will provide that you will be happy to wear them and happy to protect your knees with them.


Elastane, commonly known also as spandex or lycra is a material that is very elastic making it perfect to be used in knee pad production because knee pads, especially sleeve like knee pads need to be able to not only expand and shrink upon putting it on but also to move along with your knee when you are doing some activity from running to offering SALAAH. Additionally elastane also dries very quickly which will prevent sweat from building up and making your knee pad wet and disgusting.


Cotton is one of the most used organic fibers in the world so many knee pad manufacturers use this durable yet cheap material as a base material for knee pad manufacturing. And because cotton is also a very soft and breathable material it adds, softness and breath-ability to knee pads so they are comfortable to wear don’t irritate the skin and don’t collect sweat.


Another material that is commonly used to make knee pads is polyester or polyethylene terephthalate. This material is one of the strongest synthetically produced fibers and when used in combination with other natural fibers it adds strength and durability to the fabric which is perfect because knee pads made from this fabric will be able to endure falls and rough conditions without ripping. On top of that polyester is quite water resistant which is great because this means that the knee pads made from polyester won’t collect sweat as well as it is wrinkle resistant and it also retains color leaving your knee pad looking as good as new for a longer time.


Neoprene also known as polychloroprene is material that is best known for different orthopedic pad and band production and knee pads are no exception because there is a whole knee pad category that is dedicated to only neoprene knee pads. Neoprene is a rubber like material that is strong and water resistant like rubber but has much better flexibility and chemical stability so it can withstand different conditions from below zero temperatures to ones that could be described as extremely hot making this material perfect to use as the main material for knee pad production. On top of adding durability and strength to knee pads neoprene also is very abrasion resistant meaning that even if you fall on asphalt you won’t scrape you knees or rip the knee pads, but the pads will soften the blow to your knees lessening the impact and the chance of injury.