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Securing and Shielding your Knees for SALLAH

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What is Knee Pad?

Knee pads are protective gear worn on knees to protect them against impact injury from falling to the ground or hitting an obstacle, or to provide padding for extended kneeling.By protecting your knees you protect your ability to comfortably walk, run, jump and even sit down on your knees while SALAAH or stand back up.

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Why do you need Knee Pad?

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, Medical conditions including arthritis, gout and infections also can cause knee pain. Many types of minor knee pain respond well to self-care measures like wearing knee pads. Equipment like Knee pads are has been developed to promote the safety of the user.

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Knee Pads Are Suitable For?

For some people who want to spend more time in prayers is physically demanding and as a result there can sometimes be a risk of damage to the body due to long stay in a posture of sitting during SALAAH. Our Prayer Knee Pads are made of high density foam and are made sure to add comfort to any prayer session.

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How to wear Knee Pads

Apply the knee pads by expelling the sticky tape and guarantee the protective piece that fits over your knee is on,  precisely. The pads should be particularly underneath your thighs and sitting over your knees. Guarantee they're both secure and they won't slide down while standing. This will empower to see whether the knee pads are adequately pleasant.Take a little trial in your knee pads by doing the movement you're arranging. This will enable you to see whether the knee pads are sufficiently agreeable. On the off chance that they hurt your knees, straighten out them until they're agreeable.

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Why choose us

Iffah knee pads are one size fits most. Form composed with fantastic effect protection. Delicate contact pads for extraordinary assurance. Completely rotatable side clasps for most extreme adaptability and simplicity of development.  Our such embellishment is knee pads that will help you to evade knee wounds and will enable you to keep your fixation on SALAAH for longer time-frame with no pain and your knees to will stay solid and working incredible by utilizing our amazing HALAL knee pads since we extremely care about you.

Halal and High quality Material

No creature part or material is utilized as a part of the assembling of knee pads; salat in them is passable, produced using material that is not forbidden by Islam. 100% Halal material is used to ensure its use by Muslim community. While praying supplicate in them, and touch them with wet hands with no issue or hesitation.


Protection against injuries

Knee pads can help secure your knee top, and give stun ingestion to other parts of your knee. There's very little pad there to shield from breaking the patella bone or driving it strange, regularly tearing tendons or muscles all the while they can be a powerful protection amid physical activities. Knee pads are intended to ensure against affect and give padding when kneeling.


Free Size / Unisex

One size fits all is a depiction for these Knee pads that would fit in all cases. Free size truly signifies "fit free" - in this way, unless it fits when attempt to put it on at the store. Unisex signifies a material designed and used by all individuals of any sex. Material that is intended to use by both male and female.


Easy to use

Put on thee knee pads by removing the sticky tape and ensure the defensive piece that fits over your knee is on accurately. The pads ought to be specifically underneath your thighs and sitting over your knees. Ensure they're both secure and they won't slide down while standing. This will enable to see whether the knee pads are sufficiently agreeable.